Undergraduate Advising


While we remain committed to facilitating student success at the university, we ask that students please keep in mind that we no longer have a full-time advisor on staff. We are in the process of hiring a new full-time advisor, but in the interim period before we hire someone, we will only be advising on a limited basis and will ONLY have walk-in hours

Because our availability is limited, please seek advising during this period only IF you absolutely need to be advised on matters related to fall courses and/or graduation concerns. IN ADDITION, YOU SHOULD NOT EXPECT TO HAVE YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY EMAIL DURING THIS PERIOD, NOR SHOULD YOU EMAIL FOR AN APPT, AS ALL HOURS WILL BE WALK-IN and FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. IF you would like advising about spring 2020 courses and/or graduation, and if your questions are not urgent and/or you can seek answers to them on your own in the short term, we ask that you wait to be advised by our new full-time advisor later in September.

BEFORE you meet with one of our faculty to advise, you MUST familiarize yourself with our various concentrations and minors, all of which may be found here. You should also familiarize yourself with the courses currently offered for fall 2019 in Banner, and you should already have in mind the courses that you believe will satisfy your requirements for the major/minor. Our advising appointments will necessarily be kept to a strict 15 minutes each, so faculty members advising will not be able to explain the generalities of our concentrations during your appointment; they will only be able to answer specific questions. In addition, because some appointments may necessarily run over the alotted 15 min time, if you sign up toward the end of advising hours, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to see someone advising that day, and you may need to return another day for walk-in hours.

Below (following the available hours) are frequently asked questions. Please review them before you come for a walk-in appointment, as your questions might be answered there instead. 

Our advising hours before classes and during the drop/add period will be (and the faculty member who will be advising):

Mon, Aug 12 2-5pm (Dr. Lewis)

Weds, Aug 14 12-5pm (Dr. Miller)

Weds, Aug 14 9-11am (Dr. Munroe)

Thurs, Aug 15 1-4pm (Dr. Blitvitch)

Thurs, Aug 15 11:30-5pm (Dr. Thiede)

Fri, Aug 16 11:30-5pm (Dr. Thiede)

Fri, Aug 16 2-5pm (Dr. Lewis)

Mon, Aug 19 10-1pm (Dr. Rauch)

Mon, Aug 19 1-4pm (Dr. Lunsford)

Tues, Aug 20 11:30-5pm (Dr. Thiede)

Weds, Aug 21 10-1pm (Dr. Gargano)

Weds, Aug 21 12-5pm (Dr. Miller)

Thurs, Aug 22 1-4pm (Dr. Blitvitch)

Thurs, Aug 22 1-5pm (Ms. Chancellor)

Fri, Aug 23 12:30-4pm (Dr. Thiede)

Mon, Aug 26 10-2pm (Dr. Munroe)

FAQs: Please refer to these FAQs below, as they may help you answer your question without coming in for a walk-in appointment.

If you would like to declare a major, concentration, or minor offered by the English Department, please send Dr. Munroe (jamunroe@uncc.edu) your request with your 800#, and she will declare it for you. Please see the requirements for the degrees at http://english.uncc.edu/undergraduate-program

If you require a permit to register for an ENGL course, please email jmussing@uncc.edu She is the only person who issues permits for our department, and she processes them as they are received. If you are trying to register for a course in any other department that requires a permit, you must contact that department. ENGL cannot issue permits for non-ENGL courses.

If a course is full, you should add yourself to the waitlist in Banner. If the course does not have a waitlist, I advise you to keep an eye on the course to see if anyone drops it so that you may add it. No one can issue you a permit to add an ENGL course that is full.

If DegreeWorks does not align with what you expect, please come in for walk-in hours IF you need to have information clarified for the fall. If your questions can wait until later in September, please wait until then to make an appointment with our new full-time advisor.