Interdisciplinary Minor in Linguistics

Interdisciplinary Minor in Linguistics
A new interdisciplinary minor in linguistics is now being offered by the Department of English.  Students who choose this minor will learn how to understand and analyze language in use in various contexts including in digital contexts. You will learn about the interaction of language, mind, and socio-cultural factors; the acquisition of languages, the structure and mechanics of language, among other topics.  In the process, you will develop strong analytic skills and learn to apply your linguistics knowledge to real-world issues.  For example, deep awareness of language structure and use is essential for future teachers of literature and languages and in preparing for jobs that are language-based such as careers in editing, publishing, information, intelligence, forensics, natural language processing, and machine translation.

Students will learn to understand the fundamental role of language across many areas of study by taking two classes towards the Minor from any of the following departments: Anthropology, Philosophy, Communication Studies, Psychology, Language and Culture Studies, Cognitive Science and Computer Science.  Please take look at the worksheet for the Minor in Linguistics for a list of courses and requirements.

For more information, please contact:

Ralf Thiede, Assoc. Prof. (
(704) 687-0611