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CLGO is an interdisciplinary UNC Charlotte graduate organization that encourages students to come together in a shared love for children's literature, regardless of concentration. Through monthly meetings, we provide opportunities for our members to learn about the field of children's literature, explore career options, prepare for conferences, and attend social events that surround our passion for the field.

The CLGO will hold their sixth annual spring Colloquium entitled "Modern Authors, Historic Influences: Framing Children's Literature in Historical Context" on March 21, 2019.

We hope to continue volunteering both on campus and in the greater Charlotte community and to continue sponsoring fun informative events. The 2018-2019 year looks very promising, and we look forward to seeing all of you at upcoming events.


Meet Our Officers for 2018-2019:

Shannon Murphy, President

Shannon Murphy, PresidentHi everyone! My name is Shannon and I will be serving as your CLGO president this year. I am from the great state of Wisconsin, and I am happy to be exploring my new home in North Carolina. I am a first year Graduate Assistant and I am pursuing my Master’s in English with an emphasis in children’s literature. I hope to teach children’s literature at the collegiate level someday!  When I am not talking about books, I can be found drinking coffee, cycling, and looking at pictures of dogs. I am looking forward to getting to know you all, and feel free to reach out to me at <>.




Arooj Hussain, Vice President

Arooj Hussain, Vice President
Hello! My name is Arooj Hussain and I am a second-year MA student, concentrating in English Literature. I graduated from UNC Greensboro in 2016 majoring in Biology and English and a Chemistry minor. I am originally from Toronto and am always traveling back! My interest include reading, napping, and spending time in museums and coffee shops (so feel free to give me some recommendations for coffee flavors and places to visit!) I am currently teaching one University writing course, but my overall goal is to one day soon work as an editor for a publishing house.


Samantha Holt, Secretary

Ssamantha Holt, SecretaryHi there! I'm Samantha and I will be your CLGO secretary this year. I completed my undergraduate education at UNC Charlotte and am currently a first year Teaching Assistant pursuing a Master's in English with an emphasis in Children's Literature. You can usually find me with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. When not on campus, I'm typically browsing used bookstores, participating in local theatre productions, dabbling in watercolors, or writing. I can be reached at <> and am excited to get to know you all this year.





Cassandra Grosh, Treasurer

Cassandra Grosh, TreasurerMy name is Cassandra (Cassie) Grosh, and I’m this year’s CLGO treasurer. I recently moved from Indiana after finishing my B.A. in English from Ball State University. I’m studying Children Literature, with particular interest in young adult literature. At home, I can be found obsessively petting my two cats while watching too much Food Network. For information (or cat pictures), please email me at <>.


Victoria White, Senator

Victoria White, Senator
Hello! My name is Victoria White and I am CLGO's Senator.  I attended UNC Charlotte for my undergraduate degree where I majored in English with a concentration in pedagogy. I am a licensed secondary education teacher and love it! This year, I am teaching one of UNCC’s writing courses while I complete my Masters in English Literature. Outside of school, I enjoy exploring uptown on a scooter and going on walks with my dog and cat (yeah that cat comes too!). You can contact me at <>.




Danny Anderson, Library Liaison

Danny , Co-presidentHello, my name is Danny Anderson and I am the Library Liaison for CLGO.  I am currently studying Children’s Literature for my Master’s degree. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from UNCC in the Spring of 2018. I work for the Charlotte Library system am I am looking forward to creating a fun and interesting partnership between CLGO and the local libraries. I am interested in Horror literature and how that genre is represented in Children’s literature. If you have any questions about CLGO or the libraries in Charlotte please feel free to reach out to me at <>.







Faculty Advisor: Prof. Paula Connolly



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Resources for the Study of Children's Literature


Children's literature peer-reviewed publications:

Scholarship resources:

  • Rutgers Children's Literature LISTSERV — to subscribe, email
  • UNC Charlotte English Department LISTSERV — to subscribe, email with the subject line SUBSCRIBE ENGLGRAD first-name last-name

For a comprehensive list of children's literature resources, visit the Children's Literature Association website.