New Collection from Kirk Melnikoff


Professor Kirk Melnikoff, along with Prof. Rosalyn Knutson (U. Arkansas), have published a remarkable collection of essays about Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593) with Cambridge University Press.  Presenting the first exploration of Christopher Marlowe's complex place in the canon, this collection reads Marlowe's work against an extensive backdrop of repertory, publication, transmission, and reception. Wide-ranging and thoughtful chapters consider Marlowe's deliberate engagements with the stage and print culture, the agents and methods involved in the transmission of his work, and his cultural reception in the light of repertory and print evidence. With contributions from major international scholars, the volume considers all of Marlowe's oeuvre, offering illuminating approaches to his extended animation in theatre and print, from the putative theatrical debut of Tamburlaine in 1587 to the most current editions of his work.  This will be a critical addition to Marlowe studies, as well as early modern publishing.  Congratulations