Exhibit at Chapel Hill curated by Nadia Clifton

Nadia Clifton Curator

Congratulations to Nadia Clifton (BA 2015; MA 2017) who curated the exhibit "The Uses of Books" at UNC Chapel Hill's Wilson Special Collections Library. Nadia worked on the Charlotte Augusta Sophia collection in the Atkins Library, with Professors Melnikoff and Rauch, and earned top prize in the Charlotte Research Scholars program.  She is currently completing her MSLS at Chapel Hill and is also part of the summer staff at University of Virginia's renowned Rare Book School.  An active member of the Early Modern Paleography Society (EMPS), Nadia's interest in the history and material culture of the book stems not only from her work with our own faculty members, including Prof. Munroe, but from her own nuanced a detailed approach to the material culture of books.  The exhibit will run through Sept. 8th 2019.