The Child in Southern Literature & Film

A panel discussion in the Halton Room of the Atkins Library launched the events that will explore ‘THE CHILD IN SOUTHERN LITERATURE AND FILM,’  (The film series and upcoming events can be found here.) The panelists contributed to a special issue of The Southern Quarterly, edited by Prof. Mark West, is devoted to “Children in the South.”  The events are the work of Mark Westm Sarah Minslow, and Sam Shapiro. 

The panelists included Sarah Minslow (UNC Charlotte), who introduced the topic and the speakers, Jonathan Alexander (UC Irvine) who spoke about “Outside Within: Growing Up Gay in the South,” Jan Susina (Illinois State) who discussed “Alabama Bound: Reading Harper Lee's ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ While Southern,” and Joanne Joy (CPCC) whose talk was titled “Lessons at the Southern Table: The Fusion of Childhood and Food in Dori Sanders’ ‘Clover.’”

Supported by a major grant from the North Carolina Humanities Council and co-sponsored by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, “The Child in Southern Literature and Film " will feature a series of movie screenings. For a list of the selected films (with dates and times), please visit the events page.  All of the films are  set in the South, with child characters in significant roles.

Panelists (L-R): Jonathan Alexander, Jan Susina, Joanne Joy, and Sarah Minslow