Cambridge Collection Edited by Pilar Blitvich

Blitvich  Cambridge Linguistics Speech Act

From Speech Acts to Lay Understandings of Politeness: Multilingual and Multicultural Perspectives (Cambridge University Press, 2019), co-edited by linguistics Professor, Pilar Blitvich and Eva Ogiermann (King's College, London) has just been published. The collection takes an up-to-date and truly global approach and encompasses a wide range of phenomena in politeness research, and discusses key developments in the field. Covering eight major world languages as well as several language varieties, a team of leading scholars provide a multilingual and multicultural perspective on various speech acts and emic conceptualisations of politeness, and a diachronic view of the field. Most significantly, the volume focuses on the latest trends in the field, such as metapragmatic approaches to im/politeness, politeness and globalization, politeness in computer mediated communication, and politeness and prosody, spanning a wide range of methodologies and types of data, including naturally occurring conversations, role plays, email messages, social media, online discussion forums, ethnographic interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, experiments and language corpora.