New Book by Elizabeth Miller

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Elizabeth Miller is the co-editor of a new book, Extending Applied Linguistics for Social Impact, from Bloomsbury.  Drawing on--but also extending--the theories and methods of applied linguistics, thecollection demonstrates how scholars of language might work together and with non-language specialists to address pressing concerns and issues of our time. Chapters explore efforts to recognize the legitimacy of stigmatized language varieties in public and institutional domains, museum-based science education for linguistically diverse children, how corpus analysis might illuminate the tension between the language choices and commitments of certain leaders, the embodied and artistic forms of meaning-making that challenge norms of Whiteness, and the transformative power of translanguaging in community-based theater.   This is an important collection in terms of linguistic equity in the delivery of healthcare in multi-lingual communities; whether dealing with refugees, immigrants, or diverse linguistic communities the essay speak to the impact of linguistics on social justice.  Congratulations to Prof. Miller and her co-editor, Doris S. Warriner at Arizona State.