New Book by JuliAnna Ávila

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Congratulations to JuliAnna Ávila on the publication of her new book, Critical Digital Literacies: Boundary-Crossing Practices, which is Vol. 7 in Brill's "Critical Media Literacies Series."  With a focus on social justice, ther contibutors to this collection advance the theories and praxis of Critical Digital Literacies. Aimed at literacy, teacher education, and English Education practitioners, this volume explores critical practices with digital tools. The chapters highlight activities and approaches which cross the boundaries of: genre; critical data literacy; materiality; critical self-reflection; preservice teacher education; gender; young adult literature; multimodal composition; assessment; gaming; podcasting; and second-language teacher education. Authors also explore the challenges of carrying out both the critical and the digital within the context and confines of traditional schooling.  This is an important and tinely book  for all of us thinking about language education in digital and multi-modal  environment.