EGSA 21st Annual Conference

Monday, April 12, 2021

Congratulations to the English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) and to The Children's Literature Graduate Organization (CLGO) for putting together a well-organized and intellectually engaging conference.  Kudos to Mikaya Marlow, Sarah Whichello. Ashley Wilson, Abbey Olive, Makayla Moore, Katie Baker, Verso Woodford, Trina Rumfelt, and Meenakshi Sathish. Organizing a conference is difficult at the best of times but Zoom complicates things enormously.  Yet no complications were in evidence at all!  And no less impressive were the papers presented by students from UNC Charlotte, NCSU, UNC Wilmington, and Eastern Carolina University, all of which can be reviewed in the linked program.   Thanks as well to the faculty roundtable participants, Professors Bryn Chancellor, Mark Hall, Kirk Melnikoff, Rebecca Roeder, and Mark West.  The English Department owes so muchl to the energy, ideas, and camaraderie of our remarkable students.  Thank you.