January 2021, No. 2

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

I hope the start of Spring 2021 has gone well.  The semester seems to have gotten off to a busy start and will no doubt get busier in the days and weeks ahead.  I want to give you a few reminders and announcements before January gets away from us.

  • Today is the last day for students to drop a course with no grade. Here is a link to the academic calendar: https://registrar.uncc.edu/printable-calendar
  • In the next few days, Angie will send out activity report forms for 2020.  These will be due back to her by February 19, 2021.  I will include instructions to go with the form when Angie sends them out.
  • Don’t forget to send Monica your syllabi and available hours.  Angie also needs current CVs.
  • A reminder that our first department meeting will be Friday, February 5, 2021 from 11-12:30.  Angie is sending out Zoom invitations that should appear on your calendar.
  • To follow up on Juan’s diversity report, if you plan to sign up for one of the Racial and Social Justice Working Groups, the deadline to do so is February 1, 2021.  I know some faculty in the department have already signed up.  I am pleased that English will be represented in the working groups, and I hope others from our department will participate in this important initiative. You do not have to be an expert in a given area, just a willing participant. The working groups are open to part-time and full-time faculty, staff, and administrators. I have signed up for the policy group as I want to learn more about policies and their impact. I am not a policy expert but I hope to contribute meaningfully to the discussion. Here is the link to the document about the working groups with instructions on how to sign up: Racial and Social Justice Call to join Working Groups
  • At the CLAS Administrative Council meeting today, Senior Associate Dean Rich Leeman reported that the UNC System has verified that university faculty and staff are classified as front-line workers in the education sector and will be eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine under Group 3. Group 3 is next to get the vaccine after older adults. Vaccines are available through hospitals, community events, local health departments, and, eventually, other providers. I was told by the Mecklenburg County Health Department that since this is a federal vaccine program, you can get the vaccine at a county health department other than your own. Also, if you go through Atrium or Novant, you do not have to be a patient in their systems to get your shot. However, you will need to set up an account or chart in order to register for a vaccination. I learned yesterday that they are taking pre-registrations. It is worth checking provider websites and portals regularly since new shipments arrive weekly and new appointments come available.  I received my first dose last Saturday at the Charlotte Motor Speedway—it was an efficient, highly organized event. Plus, I got to drive a lap around the race track.   
  • North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services https://covid19.ncdhhs.gov/vaccines 
  • Atrium: https://atriumhealth.org/about-us/coronavirus/covid-19-vaccine
  • Novant: https://www.novanthealth.org/healthy-headlines/5-things-to-know-as-covid-19-vaccine-becomes-available-to-the-public
  • Mecklenburg County Health Department: https://www.mecknc.gov/COVID-19/Pages/Vaccine.aspx
  • Cabarrus County Health Alliance: https://www.cabarrushealth.org/605/COVID-19-Vaccine-Information
  • Union County Health Department: https://www.unioncountync.gov/departments/health-services 


Julianna Avila published an essay titled "Creative and Autobiographical Response as Counter-Story” in California English Journal.

Mark West published "A Place to Play in Astrid Lindgren's Stories" in Bookbird:  A Journal of International Children's Literature. Here is the link to Mark’s article:  https://muse.jhu.edu/article/780021/pdf.  His article about Theatre Charlotte is now posted on the CLTure website. Here is the link:  https://clture.org/theatre-charlotte/

Please don’t forget to send me news of your publications and accomplishments.  We need all the good news we can get these days. Speaking of good news, I heard from Ron Lunsford yesterday and he reports that he has made excellent progress following his surgery. He hopes to return home from his son’s around February 6th or 7th.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful semester and that you stay safe and well.  Take good care and please let me know if you need anything. I look forward to seeing you at the department meeting on February 5th!

Best wishes,