Undergraduate Advising

 The English Department Advisor will not be on campus for face-to-face advising sessions beginning March 16, 2020 until further notice. 

If you have an advising appointment scheduled with Ms. Kelley while the University is working remotely, please KEEP it. Do not cancel. She will be available online (email or gmail chat) or by phone (704-687-0065) during your scheduled advising time. 


SPRING 2020 (January 8-April 7) Advising Schedule

English Advisor: Gina J. Kelley (gkelley1@uncc.edu)

Location: Check-In for advising at the Department of English (Fretwell 2nd floor) on the Kiosk at the front desk.

Walk-in hours: Wednesday 8-11a
(Walk-in hours are for prospective English students, quick questions, etc. – All currently declared English students are required to make an appointment via Connect or email their questions.)

Appointments via Connect

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday: 8a-12:30p 

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: 2-4p

*If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so via connect or contact Ms. Kelley via email. 


The English Department seeks to promote undergraduate learning by coordinating the English major and its several concentrations and course combinations that will ultimately aid English students in successfully achieving their goals and graduate on time.

Current English Students: Make an appointment with your Advisor, Ms. Gina Kelley, via Connect (connect.uncc.edu). If no appointment times are available, email your Advisor to schedule an appointment. You find your primary advisor's information in Connect and/or DegreeWorks. If DegreeWorks does not align with what you expect, please make an appointment with Ms. Kelley if your concerns need an immediate response (e.g., graduation, etc.).

Prospective English Students: Please visit during designated Walk-in hours on Wednesdays from 8-11 a.m. or contact Ms. Gina Kelley for further inquiries. BEFORE you meet with Ms. Kelley for advising, you MUST familiarize yourself with our various concentrations and minors, all of which may be found here.

Declaration Information: 
To declare a B.A. in English and/or a Concentration: If you would like to declare a major and/or concentration offered by the English Department, please send Gina Kelley (gkelly1@uncc.edu)  your request with your student ID#, and she will declare it for you.  Please see the requirements for the degrees located in the UNCC Undergraduate Catalog.
To declare a minor: Click here to declare a minor offered by the English Department. 

Course Overrides: If you require an override to register for an ENGL course, please email Ms. Jennie Mussington ( jmussing@uncc.edu ). She is the only person who issues overrides (undergraduate/graduate) for the Department of English, and she processes them as they are received. If you are trying to register for a course in any other department that requires an override, you must contact that department. ENGL cannot issue permits for non-ENGL courses.

If a course is full, you should add yourself to the waitlist in Banner. If the course does not have a waitlist, keep an eye on the course to see if anyone drops it so that you may add it. No one can issue you an override to add an ENGL course that is full.