Munroe: Shakespeare and Ecofeminist Theory

Shakespeare and Ecofeminist Theory

 Jennifer Munroe's new book Shakespeare and Ecofeminist Theory, coauthored with Rebecca Laroche of University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, has just been published by Bloomsbury Books as part of their Arden series. Ecofeminism has been an important field of theory in philosophy and environmental studies for decades. It takes as its primary concern the way the relationship between the human and nonhuman is both material and cultural, but it also investigates how this relationship is inherently entangled with questions of gender equity and social justice.

Shakespeare and Ecofeminist Theory engagingly establishes a history of ecofeminist scholarship relevant to early modern studies, and provides a clear overview of this rich field of philosophical enquiry. Through fresh, detailed readings of Shakespeare's poetry and drama, this volume is a wholly original study articulating the ways in which we can better understand the world of Shakespeare's plays, and the relationships between men, women, animals, and plants that we see in them. Read more... and buy the book