Forms to Apply for Internships


According to the American Association of Colleges and Universities, internships are applied learning experiences considered high-impact practices that have been shown to be beneficial for college students from many backgrounds.[1] The benefits of doing an internship include:

  • Applying what you’re learning in class in a professional setting
  • Developing professional networks and exploring career options
  • Gaining valuable skills for your resume or graduate school applications

 “Employers strongly endorse an emphasis on applied learning and view student work on applied learning projects as valuable preparation for work. Students agree that applied learning projects are valuable.”[2]

English majors participate in multiple types of internships with the common thread that they involve communicating in various ways with diverse audiences.

 To qualify for the Internship Program you must meet these requirements:

  • Junior/Senior status in an undergraduate English major (any concentration) or minor (any offered by the English Department).
  • 15 credit hours completed in English
  • Undergraduate GPA of 2.50 or better
  • An MA in English or MALS with 15 credit hours completed
  • Able to perform professional level work using skills appropriate for the major or minor

Required ENGL 4410/5410 Coursework

·      120 contact hours for three academic credit hours/240 contact hours for six academic credit hours

·      Weekly journal stating what you did and what you learned

·      Final portfolio of work completed

·      Four meetings with Internship Coordinator

·      Site supervisor assessment


1.     Discuss available internship opportunities with the Internship Coordinator.

2.     Consult available internships at the University Career Center. (English Department contact: Matthew French)

3.     Contact people at the organization to see if an internship is available.

4.     Make an appointment with Dr. Sarah Minslow in Starfish.

5.     Fill out student application form and ask site supervisor to complete site form.

6.     Return forms to Dr. Minslow who will give you a permit to register for the class if your internship is approved.

7.     All internships must be approved by the Internship Coordinator prior to the first day of classes.

For more information contact Dr. Sarah Minslow, Internship Coordinator, at

 Application Forms

            Student Application

            Site Supervisor Application

 Student Forms

            Weekly Report Form

            Portfolio Form

            Evaluation of Intern Form (to be completed by Site Supervisor)