Marlowe's "Edward II" -Kirk Melnikoff

Christopher Marlowe's Edward II, one of the most provocative plays in Early Modern drama, has been contextualized brought up to date (critically) in a new book by Professor Kirk Melnikoff. Edward II: A Critical Reader gives students, teachers and scholars alike an overview of the play's reception both in the theatre and among artists and critics, from the end of the 16th century to... Marlowe's "Edward II" -Kirk Melnikoff Read more >>

Harry Potter Exhibit at Atkins Library --talks by Alan Rauch Mark West

Harry Potter & Science @ Atkins

A traveling exhibit, put together by the National Library of Medicine, will be at the Atkins Library until January 7th.  Keep your eye out (like Mad-Eye) for upcoming talks about Potter by Mark West and Alan Rauch. Harry Potter & Science @ Atkins Read more >>

Paula Connolly Speaks at Atkins@2 Million

Professor Paula Connolly was one of the speakers at the celebration Atkins Library's acquisition of its 2 millionth volume.  The book that marked the event was the important 6th edition of Olaudah Equiano's (1745-1797) The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano (1789).  Dr. Connolly put the work in context as one of the very first slave narratives written in... Paula Connolly Speaks at Atkins@2 Million Read more >>

Potter and Dahl at Atkins

An exhibition in the Atkins Library (co-sponsored with English) Potter and Dahl at Atkins Read more >>